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    I am planning on putting a laminate down. when I took out the carpet that floor is 1/2 inch lower than the linoleum next to it. Both of these rooms will be getting new laminate anything special I should use for a sub floor to bring the floors up to the same height? I think I'm going to leave the linoleum and put the laminate directly over it.

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    if you want the floors to line up flush you will have to put down subfloor its the only way. figure out the square footage of the area thats lower than the other section of floor and buy the amount of subfloor required to do so... one sheet of plywood is 32 sq ft. fasten it down with ring nails or 1 1/2 wood screws
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    Just to add to jkirk: don't forget the foam underlayment (some laminate flooring don't require it, but most do).

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