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    Default stairway in 1892 Vic. house

    The stairs appear to be made with a housed stringer and wedges that hold the treads and risers in place from underneath. There are uneven gaps where the treads fit against the stringer. Should I attempt to fix them? Anyone know how? Or should I fill the gaps with wood epoxy so they are glued together and the gaps won't get bigger?

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    Default Re: stairway in 1892 Vic. house


    An epoxy filler will do nothing to hold your treads in place or keep them from falling further. It may visually close the gap so as to appear better, at least if the stairs are painted. Only a mechanical fastener system can permanently close the gap and secure the it.

    I assume you have access from underneath. Have you tried further driving in the wedges? The old systems I have seen, the purpose of the wedge was to snug up and hold the tread to the stringer.

    If the tread can somehow be jacked up from beneath, your quick set epoxy putty might hold the tread snuggly in the slot and take the place of the original wedge. Or, a small wooden block could be snugged up against the bottom of the tread and secured into the stringer with screws, thus supporting the tread.

    The treads should be able to be secured to the risers with wood screws.

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