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Thread: cement footing

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    Unhappy cement footing

    the cement footing holding on one of the supports has heved from frost this winter the deck is now leaning can the footing be returned or reseated

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    Howdy sure it can. Consider adding some bracing to the deck. If the post is anchored to the footing i'd cut the amount of heave off the bottom of the post and reset it. If the post is incased in concrete then dig out the footer. Sounds like it is not below the frost depth. If soil is an easy dig i would brace the deck and dig a hole next to the footer and then undermine it. (footer should extend about 44" below grade to be below frost) If much less i'd remove about a 1'by1'of soil under the footer and add back gravel fill up to the footer and gently let the deck weight back on this post. The gravel will help mitigate future heaving.

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