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    Default Painting a metal door

    I bought some unfinished metal doors. The metal is primed, and I painted the inside portion of the doors with a nice thick coat of rustoleum metal paint. Now, I was wondering if I could paint the outside portion of the door with straight house paint? Or will this not protect the door? Would I need to rustoleum first and then house paint?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Default Re: Painting a metal door

    If it were me, I'd wash the door to remove any dust, grease, etc. When dry, reprime it with a metal grade primer, the rattle can type is perfect. Now you can paint it with any type of paint you like.

    Don't forget you need to paint all of the edges (all four of them ) as well as the faces.
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    Default Re: Painting a metal door

    You could coat the door with a sealant like GE Silicone or something generic. I wouldn't break the bank on which sealant you eventually choose because they all work pretty well.

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