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    Smile Re: Replace countertops or paint cabinets?

    Here I speak from experience. You will NOT recoup any $ unless it's ten years from now. 80's wood cabinets aren't bad and likely have a veneer finish - it's tough to get paint to adher to. I hate painted wood. I'd scrub them w/wood soap & refurbish them to a gloss. Then add nice hardware. done. Yes granite is the fav but most folks really don't have the $ to pay for that plus groceries for a big family. I'd save it for moving costs. (I priced it for my counter, only 6', installed est. over $10 K) Ask a realtor in your area what the comps are, be realistic, if other houses similar have granite then maybe you could go with granite-look tile. Watched a DIY show and the finish was great. Otherwise, leave it. So the appliances stay? That's not a 'rule' either - everything you see on TV aint so no more.

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    Default Re: Replace countertops or paint cabinets?

    I agree..The painted wood is always being look old. It has no such shine where a new cabinets have. And painting a wood is also a tough task because it is tough to select a color and before painting it you need a good primer. For me it is better to buy a new kitchen cabinets instead painting it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by happymommy View Post
    Check out rustoleum cabinet and countertop transformations. The kits are fairly inexpensive (about $100 a kit) and it works well on laminate. Can be found at home depot and lowes. I would not replace. The countertop finishes you get with this look like granite. We did this to my mothers old tired kitchen and bathrooms right before they put their house up for sale. It cost us about $400 to do the counters and cabinets in the huge kitchen and two bathrooms and feedback from buyers was Beautiful kitchen!
    We just used the Rustoleum transformations for our builder's grade island... it looks great and really updates the kitchen. We also changed out the counter top of the island with a butcher block.

    Good luck.

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    I would save your money and sell at a fair market price quickly! Most times people come in and are not happy with other peoples ideas of what looks good. Let the new home owner pick what they want. I would hate for you to waste your money and not see the return on your investment! Good luck!

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    I think you should do renovation where it is needed on extreme basis. Otherwise sale it as it is because now days everyone is smart enough to know or to understand that you did renovation to hide some old things and to get good sale price out of it.

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