Here I speak from experience. You will NOT recoup any $ unless it's ten years from now. 80's wood cabinets aren't bad and likely have a veneer finish - it's tough to get paint to adher to. I hate painted wood. I'd scrub them w/wood soap & refurbish them to a gloss. Then add nice hardware. done. Yes granite is the fav but most folks really don't have the $ to pay for that plus groceries for a big family. I'd save it for moving costs. (I priced it for my counter, only 6', installed est. over $10 K) Ask a realtor in your area what the comps are, be realistic, if other houses similar have granite then maybe you could go with granite-look tile. Watched a DIY show and the finish was great. Otherwise, leave it. So the appliances stay? That's not a 'rule' either - everything you see on TV aint so no more.