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    Default Was Told Impossible To Do

    We live in an older remodelled mobile home{all but the bath room)In the bath room there is a floor to ceiling closet that has a full size hot water tank on the floor of it with 4ft. of free space to the ceiling. The jet pump is housed in front of this closet in a lift off box for access. I would like to somehow put the pump inside this closet under my water heater or above it to give me some more space. i was hoping to make some kind of bottom on the floor to let the condensation from the pump escape like a drain or what ever would work that nothing could get in {mice etc.**. Putting the pump outside is not an option. We have a well with crocks and we tried that before and we encountered many problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    You could build a substantial shelf and put the heater on the shelf and the pump under it. Keep in mind water weights about eight lbs. per gallon. You main concern would be to be able to remove the heater for replacement. If all you have is a standard height door be sure the heater can clear it for replacement. I am assuming it's a electric water heater.


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    I'm thinking that whomever told you that it couldn't be done, didn't want to do it. There is no reason that you can't put a pump under a water heater, so the only question that remains is plumbing in a condensate drain and such to suit the needs.
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