I am wondering how I can know if my house has the right structure to add a living space to our 100 year old attic.

Here is the information on my attic. Something to note is that the roof not only pitches from the sides but also from the front and back, not sure how that affects our structure but I have included these measurements below.

The main section of the house has rafters at 16" on center. The front and back, where the roof is pitched is set at 24" on center. The main section of the roof is 15' long, the front and back sections are 10'
on either end (all measured at the floor)

Regarding the pitch, the floor is 239" wide and 114" tall. The floor is made up of ruff cut 2x6" all spaced at 16" on center.

We are looking to add a bedroom and bath (shower not tub)

What surprises me is that the center load wall is the same in the basement and main floor. when you go upstairs, there is a hallway right above the load wall and the walls on either side do not line up with the wall on the main floor. So, I am concern that this may affect the load if I add a bunch of weight to the attic.

Either way,please let me know your thoughts. I will bring someone in to evaluate if you are not able to make an accurate analysis if my house can handle this extra load.

Thanks a lot!