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    Default Damaged parquet replacement.

    I have seven (Katrina!) water stained 12x12 natural beech wood finger quartered parquet tiles that I have to replace. My problem: They were originally from Home Depot and are no longer available from them. While they now stock similar oak pieces, they don't color match the existing. I have searched every where I know for similar beech, or possibly white oak (I can live with the different wood grain.) pieces to no avail. Can anyone help? Many thanks. Senior Yooper

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    Default Re: Damaged parquet replacement.

    About the best you can hope for is to search at a few flooring retailers that carry hardwood. They may have something that is similar enough for you to use.

    The thing with all types of flooring is that you have to purchase what you need all out of the same lot number to ensure that you have even coloring throughout the material. Different lot numbers will have different coloring, wood species, graining, etc. This is particularly true when purchasing from big box retailers such as Horendously Deplorable because they purchase a set quantity and when they run out that's it, they're not going to carry it anymore, and good luck finding it elsewhere unless it's a name brand product, which is not usually the case.
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    Default Re: Damaged parquet replacement.

    Always buy more flooring than what you need, to cover for future damages.

    Even if you find the same floor from the same manufacturer, it won't match 100% with what you have. That's life.

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