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    Default Wood Floors in Bathroom

    I am putting reclaimed pine flooring in a bathroom. I do understand many would advise against doing this. However it is a quest bathroom so it will not be used a great deal.
    I am looking for some advice on what to put under the floor in order provide some type of barrier to the first floor in case there is a significant spill.

    I am thinking about using Torlys Safe and Sound underlay.

    Does any have any experience with this product??

    Others have suggested using tar paper or the ice and water shield prodcut used on roofs.

    Any thoughtful input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Wood Floors in Bathroom

    Tarpaper would be fine, but IMO a membrane would not.You'd be putting the wood in a tray of water in case of a leak.
    Try to find a species of wood that has less of a dis-affinity for moisture. Any of the tropicals would fit this description, like teak, ipe, mahogany, etc.
    Few native North American woods are perfect, but ash, hickory, white oak, and heart cypress & antique/reclaimed heart pine are viable. IMO solid wood site-finished is better than any kind o engineered, etc. (except over a slab)
    Take care with the fixtures so that the least amount of water is regularly allowed to get to the wood. It's not usually the one-time spills that kill the wood floor, it's the steady drip or daily deposit of water, like at the corner of the tub or shower that do damage long term.
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    Default Re: Wood Floors in Bathroom

    The best thing to do is pull up the sub-floor and install plastic sheet to cover the ceiling. If there is a spill it will capture it and allow it to evaporate. The last thing you want is to capture water directly under the flooring.

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