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    What is the best way to hang a safety grab bar on sheetrock with metal wall studs?

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    Cut out the sheetrock and install lumber or plywood, fix the drywall and install the grab bar.

    a distant second ; butterfly type molly bolts

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    the plywood method works the best. when i do it i cut out a small section of drywall but then use a peice of 3/4 plywood which is much longer than the hole... it needs to be slid up into the opening then centered and fastened.. by doing it this way when the grab bar goes on the weight on the grab bar is then distributed over the drywall more evenly making it stronger

    ive used this method to install plasma screen tv brackets which were holding 80 lb tvs.. the only complaint we heard... looks and works great... now change the damn channel
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Grab bar screws are supposed to go into studs, blocks or other woods. No toggle bolts of any kind, they will make the grab bar unsafe.

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