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    Question exposing interior stone wall/removing plaster

    One of our many plans for renovating our 1732 farmhouse is exposing some of the stone walls on the interior of the house. (As well as demolishing a poorly done 80's addition, restoring original charm, and adding new space to blend with the old...all to be started in May!) After 30 minutes of chiseling through a few layers of plaster and something that looks like rusted chicken wire, I finally found some stone! It looks like it could be beautiful but what is the best way to get to it? At the rate I'm going it will take about an hour to reveal less than a square foot...not to mention I don't want to ruin the stone. I would like to do much of this myself and then call in a mason to point it.

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    Default Re: exposing interior stone wall/removing plaster

    Have you had any luck in finding a solution to this?

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