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    Default Foundation wall leaking

    This is in central Iowa. One of our townhome owners is getting water in her basement. We recently had new roofs put on and while the gutters were off we got a rain and she ended up with water in her finished basement. What is the best solution? Option 1. Dig down on the ourside and check out the perimiter tile and look for a crack in the wall. Option 2. Open the finished wall and find the leak and then seal it from the inside.
    We think the water problem should be fixed from the outside but the companies we talk to all say to do it from the inside.

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    Default Re: Foundation wall leaking

    I would be reluctant to tackle the problem from the inside just as you yourself have expressed concern. The water penetration seems to have occurred when the gutters were missing, but I would be concerned that heavy rainfall, even with the gutters, could cause the problem to happen again.

    Did the water enter near a basement window or uniformly through the wall?

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