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    Exclamation steam radiator air valve screwed all the way in..

    I replaced my air vent valve on my radiator however I had to screw the vavle all the way in(no more threads were on the valve) and I noticed that the tounge like piece started to touch the inside. The old one was also screwed all the way in. The radiator is working perfect but I just wanted to know if that will be an issue later on?

    Also I purchased the hoffman brand(1A, 1/8" Adjustable Angle Steam Radiator Air Valve). Is this a good brand?


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    Default Re: steam radiator air valve screwed all the way in..

    The hoffman 1A has been the main stay for steam vents for a long time. As far as threading them in all the way to the end of the threads. They do not have to be very tight your working with low pressure steam an only a 1/8" pipe thread. Use Teflon tape an the threads and just make them up snug.


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