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    Default Soil in our area

    Good Morning,

    We purchased a new home in Silver Spring, Colesville,MD in December 1988. Most of the time we have lived at this home our basement sump pump has been very active, running every few
    minutes. In the next few years, we would like to retire and sell this home in order to move to something more affordable.

    Is there a known problem with the soil in our area or can the soil be tested to see why our pump runs so frequently? We have never finished our because to this and know it will lower the market value of our home. Thank You.

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    Default Re: Soil in our area

    BErnie, you may live in an area with a seasonally or naturally high water table, thus your sump pump runs a lot. Alternatively, it may be due to your soil type, i.e., if you have a more clayey soil, water is slower to drain (there is likely published information (USGS or NRCS Web Soil survey - ******) on the soil type in your area).

    If a naturally high water table is not part of your situation, you may need to investigate installing some sort of drainage solution to carry water away from your home. Sometimes it's as simple as cleaning out the buried drainpipes that your rain gutters discharge to (I used to get water in my basement before I did this).

    good luck
    -Daryl, learning how to keep up with an 80 year old house in PA

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    Default Re: Soil in our area

    Check with the neighbors to see of they have similar situations.

    We once ran into a neighbor who had a leaking irrigation pipe which made the sump run extra.

    Sometimes correcting surface drainage helps. Lawns are better than trees for drying out soils as lawns have much higher leaf surface area than trees.

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