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    Hello I'm new to this forum. I have a 100 year old home in a historic town in Western Pennsylvania. I am ready to update this home. Does anyone know if there is such a service that will help consult with me as to the updates, how to do them, interior decorating, and financing all in one place. I need to make sure I get the right people to so the job and I wanted to do it all at once while working with just one contractor.

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    I would shy away from anyone that offers one stop shopping.

    Start with your local historic commission. They will be tons of help for references and resources, as well as guidelines on what to do. The trundle on over to your local building inspectors office and get a feel for how zealous they are in enforcement and which codes they follow. Ask what permits are needed for various restoration projects.

    If you're not totally discouraged by then, set for a spell and think about what you really want; Do you want a truly authentic historic home where every board is ancient? Do you want a home that looks historic on the outside but is modern on the inside? Do you want touches of historic? Some other blend of old an new? This one decision is critical to the path you take and every later decision. Any contractor or designer will need this info.

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