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    Default Bathroom has no outlet

    Our bathroom is tiled on all walls and the floor. There is a simple light switch to turn on the light/fan in the ceiling. The pull cord on the fan does not work so the fan will autmatically come on when the switch is flipped for the light.

    The last home owners installed a vanity light that is operated by a push button on the light.

    Unfortunately, there is no outlet in the bathroom. I would like to know if it's possible to install a wallplate that allows for an outlet or two and the light switch. Or, maybe I just won't have the wiring for it.

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    Default Re: Bathroom has no outlet

    Anything is possible, it just depends on how things are wired and how much you want to spend to have things the way you want them.

    From the sounds of it, probably the easiest thing to do will be to rework the wiring to the light and the switch and install an outlet next to the switch. This would entail doubling the size of the switch box to make space for the outlet and having a working knowledge of electrical wiring to make the modifications, things probably better left to an electrician or knowledgeable general tradesman.
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    Default Re: Bathroom has no outlet

    From reading this post and your other one, I'd start re-wiring the whole house one room at a time by adding a new dedicated circuit for the bathroom. Your old house probably has knob-and-tube wiring, or isn't grounded. By installing a new circuit, you'll bring that bathroom into the 21st century. Re-wire each room as you get to it.

    The tile can be cut and a box for an outlet or switch installed. Working inside interior walls is much easier than exterior walls when it comes to electricity.

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    Default Re: Bathroom has no outlet

    The fact that you don't have a visible receptacle is very interesting. I suspect that whoever tiled your bathroom to the max, may have hidden a box somewhere and that's not so good.

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    Default Re: Bathroom has no outlet

    If -- and only if -- there is both a hot, neutral, and ground wire in the switch box, you can simply install a combination switch/GFI receptacle device.

    Here are a few

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