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    Unhappy Mobile Home Walls

    Is it possible to paint those decorative walls in a mobile home?

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    Yes. You need to use a good primner sealer first. Ask where you obtain paint for appropriate ones..

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    The product you refer to looks much like wallpaper, but is really a vinyl layer bonded to a substrate, usually plywood. It can be primed out with a quality acrylic primer such as Behr's Undercoater No.75, or Glidden's Gripper.

    Unlike painting over wallpaper, where a non-water based primer would be advisable, so as not to loosen the paper from the substrate, you may use water based primers such as those named. Both will grip and seal very well. You might also consider having the primer tinted toward your finish coat color if it is a strong color, rather then fight trying to cover white.

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    in most mobile homes it is a vinyl covered 3/8 drywall. yes it can be painted over. you usually have the strips between the sheets and if you have the funds and the time it is worth removing them, taping and finishing over them as you would any sheetrock joint. it makes for a more house look

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