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    Smile Happy surprise but what to do now

    In the course of tightening up a poorly done subfloor I discovered that the previous owner had covered up oak and yellow pine flooring with peel & stick tiles. since replacing the tile with hardwood was on my wish list, I'm thrilled with the discovery. Does anyone have a solution for removing the sticky residue without using toxic solvents? Deanieb44

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    Default Re: Happy surprise but what to do now

    There is a floor s c r a p e r tool that can do the job (about $15), but don't push too hard, or you'll damage your found treasure.

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    Default Re: Happy surprise but what to do now

    There are few adhesives that can be removed without the use of solvents of some sort. If you are certain that these were peel-n-stick tiles, then I'd start by seeing what the manufacturers of these tiles recommend to clean up errant sticky spots. This should be as easy as reading a few product labels or perusing the manufacturer's website.

    The next thing to do is to test your chosen removal method in a small, inconspicuous spot to be certain that the cleaning procedure will work and that it will work without damaging the wood. If you use a solvent, make sure that solvent isn't going to affect the color or the ability to refinish the floor, this usually rules out petroleum based cleaners.

    You can also consult with a few reputable flooring repair/refinishing contractors for methods that won't damage the wood.
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