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So, going back to the original question...

Is there a liquid style product similar to Swifter that can clean these floors without using a mop and bucket and will not damage the floors?

A.Spruce: I will look into the steam idea and I remember seeing a commercial for a Shark steam mop, but that maybe of the wet type that you were against.
With those floors I think you're going to be relegated to vacuums only, with the occasional damp hand rag to wipe down particularly dirty spots. I don't think there is any kind of "mop" head that will stand up to those uneven and jagged planks.

If you have pets or are chemical sensitive, you're not going to want to use products like the Swiffer because they leave a chemical residue behind that is toxic to pets and small children. My personal take on dedicated steam mops is that they're over priced, awkward to use, and single purposed. With general household steamers such as the Steamfast or US Steam machines, you not only can mop a floor, you can clean grout and any heat tolerant surface such as counter tops, bathrooms, appliances, etc. The SteamFast runs about $100, most steam mops are nearly that or well over it and can't do a fraction of the work.

As for "wet" moping, I was referring to a mop and bucket of water, although many steam mops do not get hot enough to generate "dry" steam, which is less than 5% moisture. The wetter the steam, the more moisture will be transferred to those floors, which won't be a good thing.