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    Default Replaced hollow door with old door and its binding

    Hi all
    This weekend we removed an old hollow door and replaced it with an even older solid wood door. The old door was from another house so we had to cut it down. we cut an inch or so off the bottom and a 1/4" off the top. We chiseled out the hinges and got them on. Everything was going great until we tried to close the door. It fits in the frame but starts binding with an inch or so left to close. So the door fits in the frame fine but won't shut smoothly. It seems like the door is binding on the side with the hinges. We compared the hinges (which are original) and they seem to be installed the same as other solid wood (original) doors in the house. So i'm stuck where to go next. Any suggestions? thx

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    Default Re: Replaced hollow door with old door and its binding

    Your problem is in the location of the hinges. The fact that the hinges "look like they are in the same place as before" doesn't mean they are in the exact same location as before.

    You will need to make adjustments and move the hinges slightly, maybe 1/16" or so. Which direction? you figure it out. I can't tell you that, because I don't know where it's binding.

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    Default Re: Replaced hollow door with old door and its binding

    The difference is probably in the door thickness. The location of the hinges relative to the side that faces the frame, is what's critical.

    More than likely the new door is thicker, most older doors are.
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    Default Re: Replaced hollow door with old door and its binding

    You probably have hinge bind which means the edge of the door is contacting the jamb before fully closed. You need to take down the door, remove the hinges so you can bevel the edge of the door away from the hinges, then rehang and check. The other possible remedy is to shim under the hinges to give clearance that way. You can only do that if you have enough clearance on the latch side. If you shim the door too far over, the latch side will bind and you'd end up planing it there.
    The hinges could also be causing the door to bind along the door stop. In that case, you need to move the door away from the stop or move the stop away from the door.
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    Default Re: Replaced hollow door with old door and its binding

    casey is correct, your door more than likely has a square edge and needs to have a "lean" put on it.. via 5 degrees on the edge or have 1/8" taken off the hinge side so it will close better
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