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    Default curved cove between wall and ceiling

    I have a 1930s house in which I am removing an interior wall to enlarge the kitchen. I am installing a header and arch to support the ceiling. The house has a curved cove between the walls and the ceiling throughout, with a radius of about 3". I read in an old TOH article about glueing molded styrofoam forms into the corner to create the curve and plastering over them. The problem is that I can't find these forms available anywhere. Where can I buy them?

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    Default Re: curved cove between wall and ceiling

    You could try this:
    And Fypon makes an 8" cove with slim edges which would be just about the right size for a 1920's era cove.
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    Default Re: curved cove between wall and ceiling

    Thanks Sombreuil, even those of thus who have spent all our lives in the trades are not aware of all the neat things that on the market. This is where this website comes in really handy.

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