I had a not-so-professional painter do all the walls in the house. There is baseboard and quarter-round in all the rooms. The baseboard had been painted previously; the q-r was stained and finished with something glossy when I had new floors put in 3 years ago.

Fast-forward to last week: the painter covered the baseboards and q-r with latex semigloss. He got plenty of white latex under the q-r too. I spent hours trying to sc**** it out and couldn't get it all. Worse, the now-dry latex on the q-r chipped in many places as I sc****d. It will be difficult to touch up the q-r with latex as I think (too late) that the q-r should have been primed or sanded.

I don't have the tools or expertise to rip out all the q-r, clean the remaining latex off the floors, and reinstall the q-r, which is what I believe would be best. I want to try to touch up the q-r with latex using an artist's watercolor brush.

Any ideas? Thanks much in advance!