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    Default Appropriate Lighting Solution for Stairwell in Center Stair Colonial

    Hi. I have a 1952 center stair colonial. 8' ceilings with stairs straight up to the 2nd floor (no turn near the top). Our stairwell is cavernous and dim, even with the light at the top (flush mount non descript). I would like to add lighting to the 2nd story ceiling above the stairs as there is ample clearance. What is appropriate? A chandelier or pendant? Perhaps sconces to provide uplighting? Also need advice on how high/low to install. I've been web surfing for pics and inspiration lighting but haven't found any so if you have a site in mind, that would be helpful too. Limited on the right wall b/c there is a railing on the right side at the top so the wall is interrupted about half way up. Thx!
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