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    Default Flood proofing a crawl space

    I live in Connecticut about a block from Long Island Sound in a low area so once every few years we get some flooding in the street.
    Usually the water fills up my crawl space to just under the first floor. This usually is not a problem as there is nothing in the crawl space but cleaning up after is very tedious with all the dried mud etc to clean up.
    The water usually comes in one or two of the crawl space windows where the water pushes them in.
    A friend suggested I just brick up the windows down there and get a waterproof type door for access.
    I can see how this would keep most of the water out but I am worried about the water pressure then not equalizing on either side of the foundation walls.
    For the time the street is flooded the water will be pressing in all around the house.
    Is then closing off the windows a good idea?

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    Default Re: Flood proofing a crawl space

    A relative of my wife lived along the Mississippi.
    When the river would rise and come up through the floor drains,
    they would fill the basement with clean tap water,
    pushing the " ol' muddy" back out.
    This would equalize any pressure concerns.

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    Default Re: Flood proofing a crawl space

    FEMA has specific details for this.


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