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The vacuum cleaner has almost no suction. That is strange because it is an almost new model that was top rated by a leading consumer magazine that usually wishes to remain anonymous. So I go the check the bag and I discover that someone put in the wrong bag last time and it now had dirt all through it.

I remove and bag the old filter and the vacuum cleaner bag, put the dirty grill back in place and spray the front of the grill with a spray cleaner and let it soak. I begin to disassemble the vacuum cleaner and use my 18v wet dry vacuum to clean out the big vacuum cleaner. Not having much luck, but I do get down to the pre-filter and remove it. The motor and little passageways are full of dirt.

I find the HEPA filter housing, open it up and remove the HEPA filter, which is absolutely clogged up. I take the vacuum outside, plug it in and turn it on. While it is running, I bang it on the ground and shake it around in the air to get the dirt loose and let the motor blow it out. That worked, just had to remember to stay down wind of the vacuum cleaner as plumes of dust and dirt came billowing out. would have been nice if I remembered that right before turning the vacuum on.
Being a vacuum expert, I can sympathize with this. I'm always amazed at how people forget to maintain their vacuum. They seem to think that it never needs to be emptied or the filters checked, what-have-you. Truth is, vacuum maintenance is a quick and simple task when done regularly and timely, but as you attest, once you're past the point of no return, you have a project on your hands.