Home Owners Attention Deficit Disorder

It help if you have not already, go to YouTube and search for AAADD Age Acquired Attention Deficit Disorder. Chose the version with the old lady, its the shortest and funniest.

This has to do with home projects and how a simple project turns into a can of worms. One thing leads to another and you end up spending a lot more time and money than you first planned on.

Todat I decided it was time to replace the furnace filter. Truth is, it was past time, but thats not important. I pull down the grill, the very dirty grill and discover dirt and lint between the grill and the well used filter, so I get out the vacuum cleaner to suck out most of this dirt so that it doesn't immediately clog the new filter.

The vacuum cleaner has almost no suction. That is strange because it is an almost new model that was top rated by a leading consumer magazine that usually wishes to remain anonymous. So I go the check the bag and I discover that someone put in the wrong bag last time and it now had dirt all through it.

I remove and bag the old filter and the vacuum cleaner bag, put the dirty grill back in place and spray the front of the grill with a spray cleaner and let it soak. I begin to disassemble the vacuum cleaner and use my 18v wet dry vacuum to clean out the big vacuum cleaner. Not having much luck, but I do get down to the pre-filter and remove it. The motor and little passageways are full of dirt.

I find the HEPA filter housing, open it up and remove the HEPA filter, which is absolutely clogged up. I take the vacuum outside, plug it in and turn it on. While it is running, I bang it on the ground and shake it around in the air to get the dirt loose and let the motor blow it out. That worked, just had to remember to stay down wind of the vacuum cleaner as plumes of dust and dirt came billowing out. would have been nice if I remembered that right before turning the vacuum on.

I go to clean off the grill, but I can't get anything in between the tiny slats to effectively clean them or wipe off the now very dirty spray, so I remove the whole grill and frame. I take it outside and hose it down and set it on the porch to dry.

Now a trip to town and $20+ for a new HEPA filter (its so small, why so expensive, I only paid $16 for the furnace filter and it was top of the line). I get home, reassemble the vacuum cleaner and put it up. I put the grill and frame back in and put in the new filter and turn on the heat, which has been off for about 4 hours now.

I take the wet dry vac outside and empty it, put it back together and put it up.

Thats how it goes around here. A simple job like replacing the furnace filter turns into an all day job. Thats why I am getting project averse. I just gonna hate replacing the siding on that north wall.