I noticed my dishwasher was shut off prematurely yesterday, and some light research I discovered there wasn't any power going to it. It is wired to the electrical panel on one circuit; it was not tripped. I thought there might be an auxiallry fuse within the dishwasher itself (none found) so I went back to the panel. I shut off what is the "kitchen plugs" and the dishwasher started right up. I kept flipping the dishwasher then kitchen plug off and on and the dishwasher would shut off automatically.

Here's the kicker;

I kept hearing an electrical buzzing behind the panel, sort of what a short would sound like (when the dishwasher was running) but nothing would trip.

The dishwasher has worked fine for the past 6 months and all of a sudden this problem has surfaced. The electrical panel has been inspected in the recent past. Could the circuit breaker not be at a high enough load that the dishwasher runs on?