Quick facts

Owner is a friend of the family who is closing CPA business due to health.

City is bringing in structural engineer to try to condemn building because it shares a wall with a condemned building.

Harry S. Truman stay there during whistle stop tour.

Margaret Truman came stating her father wrote to her from that Hotel and she took the door number off the room he stayed in. Rumors are the numbers are displayed at the Truman Library.

Located in Salisbury MO

Now the questions
What are the options for selling materials from the building that are worth money. Grand staircase, tin roof and other things.

Will the fact that there are records (picture) of Truman staying there increase the value?

I know there are companies that sell reclaimed building materials but I don't know what steps that need to be taken to do this the right way.

If it doesn't become condemned It might be up for sale after February but the small town it's in wouldn't bring the money that the wood from the staircase alone should be worth.

Any thoughts, suggestions, offers are welcome.