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    Question Exposed the roof beams: Condensation or a leak???

    We are in the process of demo-ing a room in our home that is neither heated or insulated. So far, we've removed all the drywall to expose wood walls and some beautiful sawn trees that comprised the original roof which is under a modern one now. One side of the room shows the sawn lumber and then tarpaper, etc. The other side has some other boards above the sawn lumber. Where we can see the tarpaper, there is a little bit of water but we're not sure if it is condensation (because of the lack of heat, soffit vents, insulation, etc) or if it's a true leak. My guess is the former.

    We plan to install soffit vents, baffles and insulation, a roof vent, and a vapor barrier before we put up the new sheetrock.

    Can we, as we continue to finish this room, use a product like GreatStuff to fill in those gaps and help prevent more condensation?
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