I painted my dining room a dark brown. The walls were plaster that had never been painted. I primed first with a tinted primer, per the manufacturerís instructions. I applied 3 coats of the color and everything seemed to be going fine, but upon finishing with the third coat, roller marks are visible in some areas and Ė to me Ė it looks awful. So, now Iím unhappy with the paint job itself, and on top of this, Iím not pleased with the shade of brown either.

My dilemma is this: I donít like the color, so sanding the wall to prep it for another coat of the same shade isnít ideal. To paint it a lighter color would require a coat of primer, probably 2 coats, and a minimum of 2 coats of paint and I donít want to pile on 3 or 4 more coats of primer and paint (I hate that thick, Ďtons-of-paint-on-the-wallí look Ė like itís been painted a thousand times).

Iím not averted to the dark brown walls per se, I just donít like the particular shade of dark brown. I wouldnít mind painting it another shade of dark brown, but with a bit more red in it. How do I do this properly, with as little paint as possible, so it doesnít look piled on? Would it be feasible to sand the walls and apply the new shade directly overtop, or would I have to prime first?