I would like to control multiple outlets with 1 or 2 switches. Each outlet has 2 white wires, 2 blacks and a ground. The switch, which used to be 2 side by side switches has 2 red wires, 2 black, 3 whites and a ground. These 2 switches used to control 4 outlets. The outlets are wired with 2 whites on the silver screws and 2 blacks on the brass screws and the ground has a wire nut on it. During a remodel, a ceiling light was installed and a new switch was put in near the two other switches. The new switch has two black wires connected to the two screws and two whites together with a wire nut and the ground also has a wire nut on it. While trying to make it work, I hooked a black to the top screw and white to the bottom and when I flipped the switch I got quite a flash and tripped the breaker. Thank you for any help in advance.