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    Default Patio drain problems

    Patio has become tilted and water runs toward house. also has low spots. I can't afford to dig it up and replace it. Can it be releveled and sealed so it drains away from the house by a thin pour of some material?

    I am 70 years old and retired.

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    Default Re: Patio drain problems

    Check the yellow pages for a company that does Slabjack, Mudjack, Slabjacking, Mudjacking, Concrete Lifting, Concrete Raising, Concrete Leveling --- they are all basically the same just different names.
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    Default Re: Patio drain problems

    Your problem, the way you describe it, is that the patio slab is now lower near the house than the other side (far from the house).

    Do you have any idea what caused the patio to shift? Are there tree roots lifting parts of the slab?

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