We are considering a remodel of our bathroom in a 1930s San Francisco house. The bathroom is the only bathroom on the main floor of the house - therefore, it serves as both the guest bathroom as well as the "master". (There's another bathroom in an in-law unit but that's not really part of the main house).

It's a fairly small space - about 7.5' x 6.5' with a 3.5' x 4' alcove. Currently, that's enough room for a stall shower (in the alcove), a toilet, a pedestal sink, and a "built-in" skinny tub to the side.

We're considering two different layouts for a remodel:

1) Keep layout as is.

2) Move toilet to alcove (getting rid of shower stall), add double sink/vanity, and install shower over tub.

The plumbing is easily accessible from the [exposed framing] garage below.

We know that OUR preference would be to have two sinks and some counter/storage space (option 2) given that it's a master bath and we're a couple, but we're also concerned about resale and don't want to hurt the value of the bathroom.

Any opinions/advice are appreciated.