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    Every time I use the hot water there is a constant loud banging sound in the pipes coming from the hot water tank. I have already changed the pressure valve two times and the problem is still occuring. Please advise what is possibly going on so that I can rectify the problem ASAP! Thank you very much.

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    As the hot water flows through the pipes getting to the sink, or tub, or dishwasher the heat of the water expands the pipes. If the pipe straps are too tight, the pipes were wedged into place ( so they could be soldered without moving) the pipes will make noise as the expand. Replacing the valve will make no difference.

    You need to find those places in your house where the hot water pipes are having the friction enough to make the noise. Relieve that friction and the noise will go away. Using spray lube isn't a good idea. Loosening the straps, nails, boards, shims, will solve the problem. A worst case scenario - re-route the pipe.

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    I thought you needed an expansion "tail" on the line to prevent this.

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