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    Default how to remove adhesive

    The back of a mahogany vaneer kitchen cabinet, which is the underside of a breakfast bar, has had carpet glued to it. Now 30 years later the carpeting needs to come off. The carpeting itself comes off easily enough but the hard, dry adhesive does not. I would rather not sand off the adhesive because I would never get the cabinet to match the rest of the cabinets and I do not know how thick the vaneer is. Chemical adhesive removers would also remove the stain color. How can I get the adhesive off without ruining the wood underneath?

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    Default Re: how to remove adhesive

    In a word, you can't.

    What I would recommend is to either remove the adhesive or to overlay the area with new 1/8" or 1/4" plywood and restain the area to match the existing cabinets. You can get stain matched pretty easily at any major paint dealer (not a big box retailer ). All you have to do is have a scrap of the same type of wood for them to test on and a sample of the original finish, which you can get by removing a cabinet door or possibly a piece of trim.
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