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    in years past, i heard mention of placing a brick or something along those lines in the toilet tank to help save on water usage. i guess in the old days when toilets used lots of water, it made sense, but what about today? i have fairly new kohlers in my house now. is anyone familiar with this theory?thx

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    Yes people used to do this. The brick would displace the volume of water. This all was a few years ago when toilets were still
    3 gallons per flush. If you have newer Kohler toilets I am sure they are 1.5 gallons per flush. If you look inside the tank it should be stamped in there.

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    It still makes sense to put a brick, or other object, in the tank of any toilet that was installed before 1/1/1994. It can save a lot of water over the life of the toilet, and the old toilets generally didn't need 3 galons per flush to work. The EPAct 1992 mandated that any toilet installed in the United States after 1/1/1994 would use 1.6 gpf or less, this has saved an enormous amount of water from being wasted.
    The EPA has a new program called WaterSense, it reduces the gallons per flush rate by 20% to 1.28 gpf in order for the toilet to recieve the WaterSense rating.
    WaterSense also requires the residential bathroom faucet flow rate to be 1.5 gpm instead of 2.2 gpm to become WaterSense rated. The EPA is also working on a reduced flow showerhead standard for the WaterSense program.
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