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    Cool Anode replacement timing

    On a recent ATOH show Richard mentioned that servicing of a hot water should start at 2 years. Can anyone expand on what the service schedule is like and what needs to be done when...

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    Default Re: Anode replacement timing

    From what I have read and understand, the best thing you can do with a water heater is to obviously check for any leaks. The most important thing is to drain it once a year, maybe even every 6 months from the bottom, to get out the sediment that can build up and erode the anode and basically cut down on the amount of actual water is in there (30 gal tank...lot of sediment..maybe only 25 or less now)...Make sure you cut the power to the unit before draining of course.Loosen the anode nut just to keep it from freezing up, and retighten it, maybe some WD on the threads.The anode is going to break down over time, depends a lot on the water quality etc., but just a simple drain and keeping the fittings from rusting up can add a couple or more years to the unit. Hope this helps.

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