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    Default Water line banging

    Whnever the main floor toilet is flushed, there is banging noise is heard 25' from the toilet. 90% of the ceiling below the toilet is open, I cannot feel any vibration in the supply line when the toilet is flushed. I have pulled the PEX supply line out 12" at the toilet and know there are no obstructions to the line. I cannot figure out what the problem is. Has anyone lese had this problem and what did they do to fix it?

    Thanks JimKup

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    Default Re: Water line banging

    Hi Jimkup,

    It sounds like a "water hammer" issue. Pressure of the water being released and stopped is causing the piping to vibrate. There are several companies that have components that can be added to your supply line to stop or reduce this effect. Also check the supply line to see it is braced correctly, loose piping is the main cause.


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    Default Re: Water line banging

    For me, a line wasn't braced properly and could vibrate and move when water was turned off. I shored-up the line and the problem went away.

    I love 10 minute fixes. They make me chuckle a little that the 2 previous owners over the last 20 years probably ignored the issue and simply assumed it was because the pipes were old. The section that was banging was copper and likely replaced within the last 20 years. The original pipes are rock solid because real craftsmen installed them 86 years ago.
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    Default Re: Water line banging

    My original pipes were rock solid, too. With scaly rust. No water hammer there, becuz no flow.
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