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    I have a 15 year old log cabin with a couple of rotten logs (powder post beetles). Need advise how to replace "D" faced logs without house falling down. A second story (wood frame and vinyl siding) was added later. Any ideas or helpful suggestions?

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    If the rot doesn't go all the way through, then you can dig out the rot, fill in with 2x and put a new face on the log. Fill in any hollow spots with a closed cell foam before putting on the face board.

    Treat all the logs with a product called Timbor or Boracare. The Boracare is quite expensive, but you should be able to cover the whole house with one gallon of concentrate. You use a common garden sprayer to apply. If you use the Timbor, you have to mix it yourself but its a lot cheaper. it works best if mixed with ethylene glycol antifreeze, then dilute with water and spray. The Boracare is essentially Timbor and antifreeze.

    Google Timbor for directions and sources.

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