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    Default new storm doors for an old house

    Hi, I have a 120 year old victorian home and the double front doors are wicked drafty! I caulked them but it isn't great. I want storm doors. I contacted a local place and they are $1500. And I do not think that there is any competition! The doors are 90.75 inches tall, and the opening is 54.5 inches wide. So, each door is just under 27 inches wide. Should I build a pair? What are the alternatives? Winter is coming fast in upstate NY!! thanks, Adam

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    Default Re: new storm doors for an old house

    Better to look at installing a better threshold or door sweeps along with spring bronze weather stripping. No reason you can't educe air leaks to just a few cracks even if you have to pay $300 for a pro to do it.

    Storm doors might ruin the appearance of the doors from outside... especially a unique pair of doors like these.
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    Default Re: new storm doors for an old house

    If your problem is draft, as you mentioned, why did you stop at caulking? continue as motoguy suggests, to finish the job. I bet you'll see an improvement.

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    Default Re: new storm doors for an old house

    As with the primary doors, the main air leakage with storms will be where the two doors meet. The astagal is very problematic to weatherstrip. I don't know if you have rabetted doors or an applied astragal. The best weatherstrip I have found for these is the interlocking metal type. They give a good seal but add no friction (if perfectly installed an maintained). You also need to take care of the bolts that keep the fixed door in place, they should hold the door steady without any play.
    A pair of custom double storms is going to cost "a pretty penny" as they say.
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