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    Default Replacing tub/shower walls

    I would like to replace the tiles in tub/shower walls with granite, but the cost is out of site. With the looks of Formica today, is it possible to install it over the tile, or remove the tiles and start fresh? I really don't want/like the looks of the tub enclosures that are available. Could you please give me any advise? Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Replacing tub/shower walls

    I would recommend going with a cultured stone product. Cultured stone comes in many colors and styles, a granite look among them. This will give you the best performing shower surround.

    "Formica" like products do not look too great because they are trimmed in metal. All this trim creates opportunities for water to get behind the material and cause damage to the walls. The lifespan of this type of material isn't all that great either, maybe about 10 years in optimal conditions, so it's money poorly spent, IMHO. If you're still interested in this material, research 'Pionite' and 'Marlite'.
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    Default Re: Replacing tub/shower walls

    ...On the other hand, if your mind is set on granite, look into granite squares. They cost less than slabs, yet give you "almost" the same feeling.

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