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    Default Garage Construction

    I have a question about trimming out a garage door. What is the best material to trim out the exterior of a new garage door? I know there is the fypon material you can buy, but I just want some simple trim work done that I can do, but should I buy cedar, the new PVC they have, or? What is recommended? I just want to trim it out with 1x6 around the door, maybe a little something across the header trim and a keystone. It will be white or painted white to match the trim.

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    Default Re: Garage Construction

    ive done a number of things on peoples homes.. some get a simple 2x4 that gets clad with aluminum. on others ive used azek or 5/4 cape cod siding trim
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    Default Re: Garage Construction

    You can certainly use cedar, a rot and insect resistant wood, just get it in full lengths.

    Or you can go with some composite trim, rot and resistant as well.

    Both will have to be cut to size and fastened. Then caulk around.

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    Default Re: Garage Construction

    I used cedar. Looks nice, won't rot, costs about 1/4 of man made.
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