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    Default Water line banging

    When the toilet is flushed on the main floor of a 5 year old home there is a loud banging in the living room which is 25' away from the toilet. We have checked all of the PEX lines and there are no severe bends or crimps. When we hold on to the line and flush the toielt, we cannot feel in difference in water pressure or any movement when the banging starts.This problem has just started. I would welcome any suggestions on how we might investiagte this further.

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    Default Re: Water line banging

    Try to determine if there's a loose (unsecured) supply line somewhere near the toilet.

    Also check the fill valve in the tank.

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    I know that in my home, we have a new addition plumbed with 100% pex all over. it does knock and bump quite abit, but then you could simply secure it with straps of some sort. if there are any rigid copper lengths in the line I would consider installing a potable water expansion tank with an air scoop. there relatively inexpensive, and air is a common noise problem.

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