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    Default sanding/restaining hardwood flooring

    I recently sanded down a 100 yr. old oak hardwood to bare wood,and am going to restain with a red oak stain. Should I do the floor in sections; and will it match doing it this way? Any suggestions would be helpful. thanks Ed Hoppes

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    Default Re: sanding/restaining hardwood flooring

    If you mean to do a section, then come back a week later, do another section, etc, I'd say don't. Do it all at once, using the same stain, in the same temperature, under the same conditions, using the same applicators.

    How large is the place?

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    Default Re: sanding/restaining hardwood flooring

    if you do it in sections.. do it one room at a time. this way the door will make it less noticable if there is any difference in color. dont do a section of a room at a time

    if it will require multiple cans of the same stain pick up some clean empty cans and mix multiple cans together so to get the same tone throughout.. if different cans come from different batch mixes the color can be off
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