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    Default Ductwork through drywall

    I've got a section of ductwork that goes through the drywall in the basement ceiling and into the bedroom above. The drywall edge is pretty ragged and unappealing. Is there any ductwork solution to this problem, like some kind of bracket that would slip on the pipe and get attached to the ceiling and hide the drywall edge?

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    Default Re: Ductwork through drywall

    Howdy, how about adding some white silicone latext caulk to the area to resolve the edge.

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    Default Re: Ductwork through drywall

    Usually duct work would be boxed with drywall so you don't see the duct or the rough edges of the drywall.
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    Default Re: Ductwork through drywall

    you can staple up a piece of drywall L bead and finish it out for a nice clean edge.

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    Default Re: Ductwork through drywall

    What pipe?

    Trim ring maybe.

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