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    Question floating wall closet

    I am building out a closet in the corner of my bedroom - will look alot like a phone booth. If I nail the framing into the wood floors, it it okay if I nail into only one ceiling joist and the rest secured to the wall and ceiling wallboard with wallboard screws? Will this make the frame strong enough or will it be wobbly once clothes are hung on a rod inside?

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    your plan sounds fine, the only time it gets tricky is if there is no strapping in the ceiling or joist.. then your relying on a snug fit for keeping the wall from moving as nails dont hold well in drywall
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    Default Re: floating wall closet

    Let me just add this:

    If you have an attic above the ceiling, try to set blocks between the joists, then attach your top plates to these blocks, for added strength. You want the corner of your "phone booth" closet to be attached to the framing.

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