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    Default asbestos - cement siding

    I have a three-family home with asbestos-cement siding. I need to repair some of the siding and in the past, had someone who used the cement siding without asbestos to replace. Can I use some other siding to replace the broken shingles? I know it won't look the same, but I could paint it to match.

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    Default Re: asbestos - cement siding

    I have a few shingles that are cracked/broken as well. I was looking for GAF shingles with the same texture to replace what needs repairing. I'm not sure how difficult it is to replace/repair. or what type of nails are required.

    Any Suggestions?

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    Default Re: asbestos - cement siding

    You can learn how to replace broken shingles by watching some youtube vids.

    The work must be done in such a way that the house wrap is not disturbed or damaged.

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    Default Re: asbestos - cement siding

    I work on a lot of older houses with this siding. New safer replacement materials are made but are not cheap and do not exactly match the old. If many are damaged it might be better to re-side that area with a better material, but if it's only a few you can replace them. Back when I had more time I'd save these from tear-offs and demos. You might be able to scrounge some originals similarly. Back on the old days a hacksaw blade held with vise-grips did the blind cutting; nowadays a sawzall with a long metal blade makes short work of it. The blades will get dulled PDQ bit it's worth it to get the semi-rare material. You'll still break a good many but you'll save a good many too. Nobody seems to be restoring this type of siding anymore so I've stopped scrounging it unless I have an immediate need coming up. IMHO over tyvek this would still be as good a siding as almost anything else; only the appearance and asbestos content goes against it.

    As my posts on this site will indicate, I am not a safety-nut over asbestos in general, but salvaging this siding is a dust-creating operation and that is when asbestos can get dangerous so be very aware of what you should do to protect yourself and do it.


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