I recently had my small bathroom with shower + exsaust fan redone
by a family member. half of the dry wall was replaced with new green board, I'm having issues with the water based primer+latex paint peeling. A few weeks after it was finished I put some masking/painter tap on the wall over night when I carefully peeled it off some of the primer+paint came off where I can see the green board and other spots where I can see the joint compound, Than I was removing some excess mud on the other side of the room the primer+paint started and continued to peel to the point where I thought I was ready for mud, and wiped it down with a damp cloth it started and continued to peel. Do I just need to get it to stop peeling clean and mud than paint or prime + paint? Or do I need to strip all the primer/paint and start over? I do not have the money to get a pro to fix this, and with it in a steamy area I don't want to have issues in the near future.

I appericate any Help or suggestions
Jason Kempt