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    Default Does dishwasher need an arc in the drain?

    Step 7 of How to Install a Dishwasher says,"Hold the hose and strapping against the back of the cabinet so it makes an arc that's higher than the drain inlet." Can you tell me why? I want to run the drain hose down thru the floor without the "arc" so I can winterize (drain) the system. That "arc" would cause me a problem during the winter months.

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I should have done a better job with my original post. The DW is a new install. It won't be next to sink. It will be on other side of room. (Tiny Kitchen) Has separate water feed and own drain to basement hookup. So not worried about back flow. I am concerned that that "arc" is necessary for the proper operation of the DW (like a clothes washer). If the elevated hose or "arc" is only to prevent back flow, and not relevant to the DW's operation, then I'll be in great shape. Thanks again all!
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